Enabling a better quality of life

Our aim is to help our clients to achieve their maximum level of independence and the highest possible quality of life, for the rest of their life.

We provide specialised case management services for clients who have suffered an acquired or traumatic brain injury, spinal or catastrophic injury and the associated disabilities or conditions. We are client focused and passionate about delivering excellent support to each individual client. Our clients’ needs, wishes and expectations are at the heart of every decision we make.

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Our promise 

For clients and their families

We explore all appropriate services that are available to meet a client’s needs and provide the right person with the specialist training, skills and experience to fit with them and their families.

Our case managers bring their wealth of knowledge, commitment and passion for supporting each individual client, together with their families, to enable clients to achieve their short and long-term goals.

For solicitors

Our case managers, and extended team, focus on helping our clients set, progress towards and achieve their short and long-term goals. Together they strive to give clients, and their families, back their lives whilst demonstrating value for money for all.

We are highly responsive and adaptive to change, providing excellent communication with all involved parties. Timely and detailed reports are delivered with clear financial accounts showing the progression towards the agreed goals. We are time efficient and cost effective.

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Excellent case management

Our case management service has been developed to achieve the best possible outcomes by working in a closely integrated manner with the people providing support to clients including family and the wider professional team. 

Multi-disciplinary team

For complex cases we have a clear focus on the multi-disciplinary team approach, we continually review progress against agreed goals to consider changes in the client support provided, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our mission 

To be the sustainable difference in our clients’ lives that enables them to achieve their maximum level of independence and function to sustain the highest possible quality of life.

Working with us

Our team

We have a unique blend of knowledge and experience acquired through strategic and operational management of case managers and a “hands on” case management approach. In addition, our understanding of the reality of life-changing situations, and our compassion and empathy for their far-reaching impact, is further deepened by our chariman, who is the father of a daughter living with a catastrophic brain injury. Together we have the breadth and depth of understanding not only for a client’s needs but that is unrivalled in this sector.


An accurate, sensitive and timely referral is a crucial element in attaining the best possible outcomes for a client, enabling the person to benefit from the most appropriate intervention at an optimal time. We welcome all referrals and ensure a collaborative approach for all parties while upholding a duty of care to the client regardless of who has made the referral.