Case management

We bring together an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of local and experienced professionals who together strive to give clients, and their families, back their lives.

Case Managers

A case manager is a person who is skilled at understanding and identifying the needs of clients and is professionally qualified to assess, plan, implement and coordinate services for their clients to meet their needs and achieve the best possible outcome.

Case managers play a vital role in a client’s rehabilitation and we provide specialist case management solutions for clients who have suffered traumatic and life-changing injury. Our case managers provide consistency and coordination in the delivering of rehabilitation, care and support for our clients.

Our case managers perform an essential role in assisting our clients, and their families, in dealing with other organisations, agencies and individuals who provide support for the client in numerous areas including therapies, services, facilities and finances. The practical assistance and support provided by our case managers can not only assist, but also accelerate, the client’s rehabilitation and progress.

Join our team

We are building a team of experienced case managers to provide a new approach to case management across the south of England.

Make a referral

An accurate, sensitive and timely referral is a crucial element in attaining the best possible outcomes for a client.