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We bring together an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of local and experienced professionals who together strive to give clients, and their families, back their lives.

Case Managers

Enabling a better quality of life

Our case managers and extended team focus on helping our clients set, progress towards, and achieve their short and long-term goals. Together they strive to give clients, and their families, back their lives whilst demonstrating value for money.

We are also highly responsive and adaptive to change, providing excellent communication with all involved parties. Timely and detailed reports are delivered with clear financial accounts showing the progression towards the agreed goals. We are time efficient and cost effective.

Our Promise

We work with claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers to provide services to support clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries through personal injury or clinical negligence.

We understand that selecting a case manager for your client is an important decision that can significantly impact not only the progress of the claim, but your client’s engagement with the rehabilitation process and the ultimate outcome. The service we provide to your client benefits both claimant and defendant parties throughout the claim process by ensuring that the client’s needs and rehabilitation is prioritised to facilitate a successful resolution for everyone involved.

We can be one of the first steps that you can take to help cement and consolidate your relationship with your client. By providing a positive support structure we can, as a team, instil a sense of confidence and a consistent presence for your client at a very difficult time.

We take the time to build the essential trust with your client to allow them to feel comfortable in discussing the most intimate aspects of their lives and addressing their needs and setting appropriate goals.

Once a personalised rehabilitation plan has been created, the case manager will make sure that each section of the plan is implemented, ensuring that there is coordination and excellent communication between all the parties. We actively listen to our individual clients throughout their rehabilitation journey during regular home visits and contact to identify their specific on-going and developing needs. We react accordingly and ensure there is a collaborative and unified approach in adjusting the goals that are set and the provision of the relevant support. The treatment and overall plan are subject to constant review to safeguard your client’s best interests and maximise their recovery.

Have confidence in us

We recruit experienced case managers in the south of England who have a total commitment to making a sustainable difference to our clients’ lives and that of their families.


Our case managers are trained in the critical importance of writing clear and accurate reports. They receive training in relation to the specific areas of disclosure and legal privilege. Training is also provided on the litigation process as a whole to ensure that our case mangers not only understand the implications of the different stages for the claim, and how their role and reports fit into that process, but also so that they can empathise with the client in relation to the potential stresses that may be caused by the steps necessary to progress their legal claim. Our case managers appreciate the impact of each step for the client.

You can be confident that your client will be in safe, caring hands and will receive the highest possible standard of service. We are acutely aware of the correlation between the relationship of the client with the case manager and optimising positive outcomes.

We ensure our case managers excel in their role and stay at the top of their game by providing modern, easy-to-use technology, on-going training, professional development and emotional support and we reward their excellence.



We provide a comprehensive range of reports for all clients in addition to Initial Needs Assessments that deliver accurate and current information on the progress towards agreed goals, outcomes, future goals and third-party costs. Our timely and detailed reports also provide clear financial accounts and costings.


Our Quality Assurance team, including lawyers, gives you confidence that our reports will meet your requirements and hopefully exceed your expectations. Each report is carefully compiled to provide individual assessments and we maintain strict quality controls ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service.

Our case managers set SMART goals, ensuring that each one is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based.

Join our team

We are building a team of experienced case managers to provide a new approach to case management across the south of England.

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