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We bring together an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of local and experienced professionals who together strive to give clients, and their families, back their lives.

Case Managers

With our experience and compassion, we strive to bring order and stability to your life, helping you to reach your full potential and best possible outcome. Our case managers will guide you and support you through the rehabilitation and litigation process from instruction through to settlement and beyond. We ensure the wider clinical team work collaboratively to provide the right rehabilitation solution for you. As a team we support you to achieve your maximum level of independence and function to attain your highest possible quality of life.

We will identify a suitable case manager, located in your area, with the specialist skills and experience to meet your needs and together we will get you through this challenging and life changing time.

Our support starts with an appropriate and comprehensive needs assessment by a clinical professional with experience in your specific injury. Our highly responsive case managers are skilled at understanding client needs, communicating and bringing together an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of local, experienced professionals.

We will visit you at your chosen home environment with your family and support network, so that we can gain a true understanding of your life before the accident. This allows your case manager to assess and evaluate your particular needs and truly understand your situation and point of view.

Your case manager will form a close working relationship with you and your family to ensure your rehabilitation plan is dedicated and personal to you. Our duty of care is to you and your best interests in creating and implementing rehabilitation goals to allow you to make optimum progress and recover to the best possible level.

Our case managers care

We pride ourselves on taking the time to really listen to our clients and their families to identify their specific concerns and needs across all aspects of their lives and formulate goals to achieve the desired outcomes. We work with our clients to set agreed goals and your case manager will devise a plan of action and set out recommendations in a report to enable you to focus on the short term goals which are then used as progressions to achieving the longer-term goals.

We support clients by utilising our extensive knowledge and experience from the outset to help you move forwards with a dedicated team of professionals passionate about your individual plan and goals.

By working closely with your clinical and legal team, we aim to relieve the stress of understanding and navigating what can often be confusing processes, whether with the local authority, treatment and care providers or the legal system.

We support clients with compassion, enabling them to achieve their goals, maximise their potential and attain excellent outcomes.

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We are building a team of experienced case managers to provide a new approach to case management across the south of England.

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An accurate, sensitive and timely referral is a crucial element in attaining the best possible outcomes for a client.